You Were Created For This

I'm not one to burden myself with the opinions of others. That's the message I prefer to convey. Despite that fact, I'm going to be transparent here; It's not easy for me to admit when circumstances cause me to feel insignificant, inadequate or flawed.

I enjoy the impression of being significant, capable and, connected. I mean, don't you?

Looking back at my high school days, I often felt otherwise. I searched for friendships where I could feel connected. I was in pursuit of a group where I felt like I belonged. But I never quite settled myself into any such group. When I would begin to establish a friendship, I quickly accepted the conclusion that I was unnecessary in the scheme of things. I often failed to find sufficient common ground with these potential friendships. As a result, I never went much deeper than surface level with anyone.

I'll illustrate. 

Remember on The Bachelor (in interest of admitting our flaws  I do admittedly watch the Bachelor) when a girl arrives to the show three weeks into the process and you can tell that all the other relationships have already progressed and there's just no chance of her ever catching up to their level.

This is comparatively how I felt coming into any previously established group of friends. I felt like other relationships were like Evergreen trees, with deep roots ― while I was a cactus with nothing but shallow roots, no prospect of growing and flourishing as profound roots as the others. (Disclaimer: this is in no way an insult to cacti, I love cacti.)

Undoubtedly Jesus is with you where you are, but what do you do when you don't feel worthy enough when it comes to other people and other circumstances? 

My Top 5 Breakfast Options

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I go to sleep with thoughts of breakfast on my mind. So I decided to share with you my top five breakfasts. I'm generally in a rush in the morning so these are rather simple! 

If you typically skip breakfast, I advise you change that habit because it really is the most important meal of the day. Not a myth. I'll tell you why :)

Eating breakfast:

  • Boots your metabolism. Just like a car, your body won't burn any fuel if you don't gas it up in the first place. Faster metabolism = more calories burned.
  • Gives you energy. Chances are you have a lot to do today and you'll thank yourself for the nourishment when it comes time to get stuff done.
  • Reduces cravings and over eating during the rest of the day.
  • Increases memory, concentration, and productivity. Your grade school teachers weren't kidding when they told you to eat a good breakfast and you'll do better on the test.
  • Makes exercise easier and more beneficial (If you're running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, you might as well maximize all the potential benefits, amirite?)
  • Makes you less irritable. Nobody wants to deal with a cranky person, so be happy and eat.

I also recommend drinking a large glass of water when you first wake up because it accomplishes everything I said above as well. (As does drinking water throughout your entire day)

Double win!

You Don't Need To Have Everything Figured Out

"Where do you plan to be in five years?"

"What are your career goals for the next year?

"Why did you choose your major?"

I was taken aback after hearing these questions.

I'm sorry, I don't know what I want for breakfast tomorrow so I'm not positively confident about the answer to any of these questions. 

Later on I started grilling God, frustrated with why I don't know the answers to these questions. Shouldn't I know the answers to these pivotal points about my life?
God, why can't I see Your hands engaged in my life? Why can't I see my life going in a particular direction? Why is everything at a stand still? Why isn't anything moving forward? Why are You not giving me answers?

Kick Anxeity To The Curb

I've been anxious to write about something on my heart lately, and that topic is anxeity (pun intended). I've noticed anxeity weighing on way too many of our lives, some to a larger degree than others. I recognize that for some, anxiety is a diagnosed mental health concern but I'm referring to the worries we all struggle with.
It's almost like the world is in a constant state of anxeity. Anxeity has become the norm. Rather than anxious thoughts and behaviors being occasional waves in the calm waters of our lives; we're living in white water rapids where anxeity is continually floating to the surface and we're always jibing our lives to accommodate for it.