Quiet Time With Jesus

There's something incredibly refreshing about spending time with Jesus in the morning. Just as the sun is starting to pour through your windows, it's like He's calling you to open your heart so He can pour into that as well. How awesome!

I get questions about tips for "quiet time" or Bible studies, so I thought I'd share what I do (and what I use) during quiet time in the morning. I know I love seeing what resources, commentaries, books, devotionals etc that other people are using for their Bible studies. There's so many resources out there that can help us pick a book and get started, as well as help us understand what's being said in between the lines. Because let's face it, God really enjoys slipping in a million things between the lines.

Spending time with Jesus is something that is deeply personal and so you really should find a way that works for you + Jesus best. But I would love to share what I do, and I pray that it will encourage you!

I usually like to put on a good worship music playlist. I use Spotify, Pandora, Youtube or my iTunes library (basically all your options haha). Sometimes I'll light a candle, and all the time, I grab a cup of coffee. Because, obviously.

So let's get started.


What Bible do you use? 

I use journaling Bibles because I can't help but write all over it, and these kinds of Bibles work great for that. These are the two Bibles that I use. One and two. I use two versions because I find that it's really helpful to read the same verse in two ways to get a greater understanding of it. I used NIV for my entire life, and I've just started loving ESV. Please share with me your favorite version because I'd love to expand my horizons.

What's the importance of prayer?

I'm a strong believer that praying before you spend time with Jesus and in The Word, is a total game changer. I pray for clarity. I pray that I will read the words I need to hear. I pray for understanding. I pray for a softened and open heart. This will help so much in preparing you for what God has to tell you. I'm currently reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer about prayer and it's uh-mazing. Go check it out. Your prayer life is guaranteed to become so much deeper and more intentional. 

On another note, I also write down my prayers. This is something I've been doing for a little over a year now and it's also something that Priscilla talks about in Fervent. Writing down your prayers is a great way to tangibly see the work that the Lord is doing in your life. In seasons of trial or loneliness or moments where you feel distant from the Lord, it can feel as if the Lord has abandoned us or is absent. In these moments, there is nothing better than being able to go back and read your prayers and see how the Lord has answered them, and remembering that He is always at work.

This is the journal I use only for writing down my prayers. Game changer. You heard it from me.

Where in the Bible should I start?

Currently, I'm reading the Bible in a year. At the beginning of the year I started in Genesis and Matthew and then everyday I try to read a couple chapters from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. At this point, I'm not sure that this method really works for me, because the reading for that day may not necessarily pertain to what I really need to hear on that day. I have kept up with this but I have also used other "guides," to help me find what it is I really need to hear. 

My favorite app to use the the First Five App. I have never found something that helped me go deeper into The Word than this app. You can use it on your phone or on a computer. There are a bunch of studies on it for certain chapters and there's a couple of topical studies you can go through. What's great about this is, if you only have a couple minutes, this is a quick way to get the juices flowing and the Spirit pouring into you. However, it can also take you so deep. Today I spent an hour and a half in Ruth 1 + 2. It was great.

I will forever hold fast to Soul Scripts. Soul Scripts is so much more than a guide to studying the Bible, and I really encourage you to go check it out and all Jordan has to offer with it. But, it includes incredible videos with how to "Brighten Your Bible." What I love about these videos is that it really helps you to draw connections within the Bible. Virtually everything in the Bible can be related to something else, somewhere else in the Bible. For example, there are hundreds of times that something in the Old Testament prophesies something that happens in the New Testament and it's so important for us to not miss out on making those connections, so we can attempt to fully grasp the entire story of the Gospel. 

Another great resource is She Reads Truth. They also have an app and a website that are chocked full of daily readings, Bible studies, books, devotions, etc. I mainly use the She Reads Truth app to access the Bible while I'm in church.

I also use Blue Letter Bible online, if I'm looking for an in depth commentary on a certain reading. This is great if you want the context explained (such as the historical setting, definitions, and understanding of the "norms" during that time). These guys also have an app to use if you're on the go. It's wonderful and I've gotten a lot of insight from using this.

Anything else?

Make it F U N!

I love love love writing worship song lyrics, or quotes from pastors, authors or theologians. Most worship songs have scripture within them, so I love writing lyrics down next to their complimentary verses, and make them come to life. I also love to write truths, or promises that God gives us, while I'm reading.

Something else I do, is write quick prayers or thoughts on sticky notes with the date on them, and put them on the pages so I can look back at it later, and be persistent in my prayers.

What are good pens/highlighters to use on thin Bible pages?

The highlighters I use are gel highlighters and they write almost like a crayon (except with vibrant colors). I got my from Kristin over at The Daily Grace Co. These are a must. The color doesn't go through even the thinnest Bible pages. 

My favorite pens to use are Micron Pens. They write extremely smoothly and they're really pigmented. They do go through Bible pages a bit, but I love how they flow on the pages so I use them anyway.

The pens that I've found that work the best in terms of not going through the pages, are regular ball point pens with medium or fine points. 

I'm so glad you guys reached out to me, wanting some Bible time pointers because I've loved sharing with you how I do it!

Please feel free to ask me any questions because this is just the basics and I'd love to talk with you about ways to get the most out of your own personal time in The Word. 



  1. I love this post! I got a journal bible a few months ago and it has seriously been a game changer - I'm so excited to spend time reading it, and I usually go all in and find a book which seems like it may be relevant to focus on for a while and I try to access all of the context I can find before I start. Then as I go through each chapter I try to find some online bible notes that will help point things out I might miss, then just go for it and cover the pages in highlights, notes and calligraphy from the scripture! It's reminiscent of studying and yet it's so much fun - there's nothing more satisfying than trying to find an inch of space on a page just overflowing with things you've learnt or been reminded of!

    1. Josie, I like your idea to pick one relevant chapter and really focus on it! Isn't it so cool to look back and see all the thoughts you put on the pages and how God has worked in your life through that?! It's such a beautiful thing :) Thank you for sharing that with me!

  2. I have that same journaling ESV Bible that you do! I love writing all over it - especially while I was at Bible college!