33 Things I Learned In 2017

I typically set some goals for the New Year but they're general because I'm not one for setting goals that I realistically won't reach during that year. But nonetheless, I do agree that it is a good time to reflect on the past year and press on towards what lies ahead.

I wasn't going to write anything for New Year's this year, but that changed when my friend forced me a pen and paper at 11:28pm on New Year's Eve and told me to write twenty or so things that I learned in 2017.

I figured that I'd share them with you all. :)

  1. Joy isn't found in circumstances, it's found in God.
  2. You learn a whole lot about the Kingdom of God when you spend time with people who are different than you.
  3. God speaks to me most when I step out in obedience to His call.
  4. Being single is a gift and such a special season of life.
  5. I was created to step outside my comfort zone. This is where the growth happens. This is where God reveals things.
  6. You actually can graduate college as the Worlds Greatest Procrastinator.
  7. I see God the most through fellowship with other Christians and through traveling/creation (especially the mountains and oceans). I never want to stop traveling.
  8. The decision to give Jesus my whole heart, all of it...was the best decision I've ever made. 
  9. Phish Food is a necessity and until Ben & Jerry's decides to make something equally comparable in a dairy-free form, veganism is going to have to wait. Also, I learned that half and half is the only way to have and enjoy a decent cup of coffee. 
  10. You have a story. Share it. Others (and yourself) need to know what God is doing in your life.
  11. I've diagnosed myself with kitten fever.
  12. I was waiting on God for a long time to make a supernatural move when it was really up to me to make the move so He could do His thing. 
  13. I love the stair master - unpopular opinion, I know, but nonetheless - true. 
  14. Friendships require intentionality and effort on my part.
  15. I'm actually not 100% introverted. I'm more 70% introvert, 30% extrovert. 
  16. Quiet time with Jesus is the most precious part of my day, especially when I'm still enough to listen. He's whispering sweet EVERYTHINGS to you. Listen.
  17. God has walked where I'm walking and He sees where He's going to take me and that's a hope and a promise I cling to.
  18. Grace never runs out. His love never ends. No matter how many times I screw up. (Y'all hit the repeat button on this one)
  19. I have the best church family on planet Earth. (Disclaimer: may be slightly biased)
  20. I have the best friend on planet Earth. (Disclaimer: may be slightly biased...but probably not)
  21. God's timeline is not my timeline and it's time I stop trying to squeeze a God-sized plan into my tiny timeline. Isaiah 55:8-9
  22. Life isn't always clean and tidy. Sometimes it's messy, and that's okay.
  23. When I seek His presence, I see answered prayers. Sometimes He answers "yes," sometimes "not yet," and sometimes with something far greater. Trust Him.
  24. It's great to have someone in your life that you can pour into. It's also great to have someone in your life pouring into you. You need a little of both.
  25. I can thank someone who has poured into me this year for this one - I realized some spiritual gifts God has blessed me with. I wasn't aware of these gifts until I intentionally got involved in a community of other believers. A life in community with other believers is a rich and abundant life. God has revealed so many things to me this year through my relationships with other Christ followers.  
  26. A joyful girl is a pretty girl. Complaining isn't pretty. Worrying isn't pretty. Faith and confidence are the most beautiful.
  27. My purpose isn't found in my career. My job doesn't have to be my ministry. My purpose is found in Jesus and in the gospel. My purpose is in Him and in Kingdom work.
  28. There's never, ever been a moment where God wasn't present or working in my life. Whether I saw Him or felt Him at the time, or not.
  29. Coffee shop dates after church on Sunday's with old and new friends, have quickly become my favorite thing to do. 
  30. It's actually extremely difficult to hit your protein macros, despite what your nutrition teacher says.
  31. I actually can live without meat.
  32. I want to create for Him. 
  33. My story is His story. My story is not insignificant because it doesn't include some death to life, miraculous turnaround moment. My story is significant not because of some change I made in my life, but because of what He did for me on the cross. 

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