My name is Heather. 

My best friend is Jesus and my purpose and hope is in Him.

I’ve been transformed by knowing Him and my desire is for you to be too!

I'm a business student in New England.

I love photographing people, journaling in coffee shops, and reading self-help books.

I drink more than I should. That is, coffee, of course.

I don’t workout as much as I should. Because, Gilmore Girls binges, of course.

My hope is that I can organize the scrambled ideas that exist in my head into words so that you can get a glimpse into my story, which is His story.

I have a passion to see God move and my hope for this corner of the Internet, is for it to be a place where we can come witness what God is doing, t o g e t h e r.


  1. I've seriously never read a more uplifting "about me" or felt like I genuinely knew the person and their heart like I did just now!! You are such a good writer sweet girl!

    1. This is so encouraging, thank you Monica!

  2. Love the blog! I think it's amazing you are close with your faith! Feel free to follow me as well. I have a blog called Forget Me Knot Blog.

  3. I love reading and photography also.

  4. What a great "about me" page... :) paints a vivid picture of who you are.