About Heather

Hi, welcome! I'm absolutely delighted God brought you here! I'm just your average business student from New England trying to find her creative outlet amongst everything else in this crazy life. 

I am a coffee enthusiast, I'll take it any time of the day in every way, shape and form. I love reading, writing, taking photographs, and working out! I'm a summer baby and obsessed with pretty much everything summer related; beaches, country concerts, outside runs, flowers and more.

I am deeply in love with Jesus and I'm on a remarkable adventure to live candidly for Christ. Though I stumble on a few stones along the way, forever falling short of His glory, I live in the peace and knowledge that I am graciously accepted by God. By sharing pieces of my heart with you, my hope is that God willing, He will use my faith to abound in your heart as well. 

I desire to be deeply rooted in Christ. I believe in the power of fellowship (Matthew 18:20) and that we can mutually encourage each other to cultivate a deep and firm relationship with God. I humbly pick up my cross and admit that I am with blemishes and flaws and I am in no way capable of nourishing anyone on my own apart for Him, but rather it would be my abundant joy to be a vessel for God to accomplish miraculous things (Luke 1:35). I only pray that through this blog, my thoughts and words are devoted completely to bring glory to God (Isaiah 55:8-13). 

I'm so excited to see the harvest that will be reaped as we daily plant our roots in Him. The miracle of growth and transformation in your life comes from     digging deep and planting the seed. (Luke 8:5-15)

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